Over the past 10 years, I have developed a passion for writing, recording and mixing music. In 2006, I began to pursue this passion in a business context by creating music for clients in the film and video advertising community. Since then I have worked with a number of filmmakers to deliver custom compositions for their visual media. Most of my work is done using virtual instruments, but I do play several live instruments including guitar, drums and piano. Virtual instruments allow me to produce extensive, realistic representations of classical orchestras, ethnic ensembles and contemporary instruments in order to deliver completed compositions often within a few short days. I work with all styles of music which are catered to suit the needs of the client and their specific application. Music composition can be as simple as a prefabricated one-minute clip for a television commercial or full-length soundtrack to a 90 minute feature film. Whatever the need may be, I enjoy working closely with clients to ensure their artistic vision is realized in terms quality, timeline and budget.